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Lori-Ann Bellissimo is an Italian Canadian artist generally described as a colourist rooted in modern design but her most recent work is reductive.

Her artwork is in collections both private and public such as Barclays Bank, PWC, MGM and in many international hospitality destinations.

She lives in Devon. United Kingdom.

Lori-Ann Bellissimo’s work positions ‘the cosmos versus humanity’, exploring how the spiritual plane weaves through the world we live in. Re-negotiating traditional definitions within painting, sculpture and digital art, Lori-Ann pitches colour against perspective, exploring spatial depth and shadows on non-traditional substrates. Paints, phosphorescence, inks, graphite and digital media lie within the architecture of the picture plane (inspired largely by astrological charts of pop icons, geometry, Italian streets and fashion) and are filled with resins and glazes (some matte, some glossy), blurring external and internal space. A repetition of abstract elements float above hand-carved ornamental narratives that reference the colour history of Western and non-Western Art, Lori-Ann's roots in modern design, and the diverse cultures around the world where she has lived.

edited by Jerry Saltz

Lori-Ann Bellissimo’s world is an abstraction that sits outside definitions of time and place, a reconfigured centrality if you like, that locates the work within a universal dimension.

In a definitive sense these paintings are at odds with mainstream American modernism and its lineage of artists who have worked against the conventions of the paintings of Frank Stella, Jasper John and Mark Rothko.She does not seek to reinvent their formal language but rather chooses to twist and translate it as if it were an available tool. Bellissimo pits intuition over convention.

Gina Fairley, Writer and Curator, Asia

Lori's art is exemplary, each piece is unto its own, with a unique personality.    

To own a piece is a privilege, to meet Lori would be totally wonderful given the beauty and exquisite quality of her work. I have seen so many pieces each one as unique as the other, no two pieces tell the same story, yet they all have such depth in their message.

Huat Lim, Principle, ZLG Design, Asia