Dog Portraits by Ian Mason

Original Canines

Ian Mason was born in Brighton, East Sussex in the United Kingdom in 1972. His formal education was with the University of Northumbria at Newcastle, BA (HONOURS). He received a Degree in Fine Art (sculpture) – 1995 at the University of Brighton and later a PG Diploma in Interior Design – 2000.

Ian Mason currently lives & works in Devon, U.K. on the footsteps of Dartmoor National Park.

His interest lies in the structure and process of turning a subject into an image and the importance of the materials with which he works. Every mark he makes, although at first appearing loose and uncontrolled is actually very carefully laid down. His technique of thin washes and bold lines on the pristine canvas does not allow for error. Understandably Ian admires the work of the great Minimalists, Carl Andre, Donald Judd and the likes of Bruce Nauman especially in their use of process & truth to materials. When the viewer takes time to look closely at his dog paintings, one is rewarded with a depth of sensitivity rarely seen in contemporary art.