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Neutral Organic Shapes


Sought-after because they often appear in nature, our neutral palettes bring life to light, medium or dark contrasting combinations of images inspired by tree bark, blush pink horizons, washed out greys and sun bleached clay pots.


Whether it be the patina of a worn swatch of leather or an Italian Tuscan landscape, our Neutral collection will persuade any interior whether it be a country house or a contemporary loft beyond any standard white, beige, taupe, grey or even black for every type of hospitality design.


Pale and medium tan shades mimic corrugated found metal while browns and greys act as accent colours evolving from blocks of felted material and raw pigments such as those found in mineral cosmetics.


Get back to basics, securing your space with naturally occurring earth tones, like titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, mica and iron oxide as if ground to a fine powder.


With a warm embrace, your space will be complimented by the artworks in this collection, creating sophisticated intimacy and a sense of unabashed serenity.


Textures and layered washes, create a world of classic elegance where contemporary elements become the guiding points to vision and taste.

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