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Textured Blues & Breathing Space

Blue Studio:

Infinitely desirable, the shades of blue in this collection will ground any space as if rendered in elegant rays of light, cast by the Mediterranean on our faces.

Summer shades of blue take us to our own studio situated on the Cornish Coastline and brings us to feel inspired by higher forms of intelligence that stimulate us via organic tranquility as we lie on our backs and look into bright blue cloudless skies for physical and mental relaxation.


Winter washes up pale blues; the paler they are, the more sense of freedom we feel. Like the way we build our relationships strongly, our blue collection promotes modern materiality and success defined by a quality of trust we exude through our artwork for hospitality design.


Our artwork in shades of blue will leave you bathed in gorgeous optics of light. Just as blue lowers any pulse rate and instils positive, steadfast, light and friendly honesty; our artwork takes you through to dark and cool night hazes creating cosy feelings which dissolve with ethos of future thinking.


As if reflective of shiny chrome details, our energised colours favour sky-blue, light turquoise, lavender and deep oceans. These bright saturated shades will help pitch respite in glistening destinations whether they be a living space beneath an interstellar display of stars or a toasty cabin in a big wood.

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