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art & art licensing

In Neutral I by Cartissi

original artwork


art for hospitality

cartissi is the sweet spot for unique, high-quality art. We specialise in creating original artwork,
wholesale art licensing and retail art publishing.
We make art commissions, custom art prints
and provide framing.
We supply the hospitality interior design industry
and the home decor enthusiast with artwork, wallpapers, wall murals, carpets, drapery, pillows, and sundries for hotels, restaurants, offices and private residencies.
We believe in uncovering the beauty and truth
in every piece of art and bringing it to the world.

Intellectual Property Disclaimer:

No part of this website and its images may be reproduced, distributed or transmitted in any form or by any means without prior written consent of cartissi.​

cartissi reserves the right to protect and take any and all legal action upon any person or party who wilfully infringes the copyright of this website and any or all of its contents for the purpose of commercial profit of any kind. 

Please Contact Us for all exhibition, screening, reproduction and other professional service schedules.

Project C

Introducing Project C, the latest collection by Cartissi. This collection draws inspiration from simplified subjects, featuring graphic designs, geometric shapes, silhouettes found in nature, and vintage European posters. Explore the unique and captivating pieces of Project C today.

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